The Horsemen’s Distress Fund is not a substitute for health and other forms of insurance including Workers Compensation., and cannot assume or satisfy expenses normally covered by insurance.

Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines Governing Assistance

To be eligible for assistance, applicant must:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA)
  • Be a widow/widower, spouse, or dependent of a member in good standing of The Arabian Horse Association (AHA)
  • Be in good standing with the USEF, if a member of this organization.
  • Have a lawful financial need.
  • Be willing and able to substantiate said need in writing, and supply Board members with whatever documentation is requested.

* Please note that this fund is to

Guidelines Governing Assistance:

  • Assistance will be given to needs arising from unexpected, calamitous events.
  • Need is not defined as a total lack of assets.
  • Need cannot be on a continuing basis.
  • Need can only be for necessities.
  • Assistance will not be in the form of cash.
  • Cosmetic surgery will not qualify
  • There will be no horse business pay off caused by bad management.
  • Need arising from workers compensation situations may not qualify.
  • Assistance can be given on a grant or loan basis.
  • An applicant may appear before the Board, either in person or via tele-conference, to present his/her case.
  • The Board of Directors retains the final interpretation of all guidelines, and has full and final discretion as to the dispensation of funds.