AHA Regions and Clubs Paying It Forward to The Community

Since the inception of the Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund in 2004, the AHA Convention Delegates, Regions and Clubs have all played a crucial part in assisting our AHA members during times of unexpected crisis. From barn fires, to illness, to vehicular accidents, to acts of nature…and beyond, the annual Convention members have ALWAYS Been Horsemen and Horsewomen Who Help.

Thank you for think of the AHDF today through your donations. The AHDF is something that no other breed can boast of, and is truly the living example of the Heart of The Horse that brings us all together. Thank you from more people than you will ever know, whom the AHDF is able to assist thanks to your generosity.

Help Us Give a Leg Up To Our Arabian Community!

The unexpected crisis can happen to any of us at any time, and we have little control, no matter how careful, over when, how, or where. What we do have control over is whether we are able to find a positive path out of any given disaster. The dollars your donation represents is important, but what really makes the magic is the little bit of extra courage that each donation sends to one of our community members immediately after an unexpected catastrophe. Thank you for Being An Arabian Horseman Who Helps!

Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act

The programs and initiatives in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that was just passed by Congress are intended to assist business owners with whatever needs they have right now. Learn More….(PDF)

The Blessings Of Our Community

On Wednesday April 17th, 2024 Cristi was involved in one of those totally unexpected, tragic accidents with her horse. As she went to mount, her horse spooked and Cristi was thrown into the arena wall, knocking her unconscious. She was airlifted to Harborview and admitted into the Neuro ICU for a traumatic brain injury. Cristi sustained bruising and bleeding around her brain, several large blood clots around her brain, a small blood clot inside her brain, a fractured skull, fractured ribs and fractures in her face. They put a hole in the top of her head to place a monitor that measures the pressure intracranial swelling. Her pressures have been difficult to stabilize so she is still intubated and sedated.

One of Our Young Horsewomen Needs Some Assistance

Victoria Shaw needs a ‘leg-up’ from the industry, and communities she has poured so much into. After an incident that took place at this years Scottsdale Horse Show, Victoria found herself with a number of persistent injuries that are severely limiting her from the work she loves so much. Due to her medical restrictions, and on-going physical therapy she is unable to resume any work until her physicians have released her, which could continue for months. These very unexpected consequences are something that put the equine business she dedicated her childhood planning, and her early years building in serious jeopardy.

Please Support Our Arabian Horse Family

On Monday, April 1, lifelong Arabian horse community member Tyler Lambert, son of Arabian Horseman and judge John and Linda Lambert, was involved in a devastating mountain biking accident while pre-riding the US Pro Cup course at Centennial Park in Fayetteville, Arkansas. What started as a day of outdoor adventure quickly turned into a nightmare.

Let’s Share Some Courage with Everyone’s Friend, Nedra Johnson

At the end of March, Nedra was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer, and is headed for a fully hysterectomy as we speak, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. One of her deepest concerns is for her students to continue unabated, but in the meantime she is dramatically impacted by having to hire a replacement instructor for her program, and lose some major income through camps and horse shows that she had scheduled.