The world is a little less bright as we mourn the loss of a great cowboy, horseman and all round good friend. Randy Anderson lost his battle this week and we pray he finds peace
Southern California, CA, United States
Help for those affected by the Southern California Fires.
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Long time horsewoman and well-loved instructor Laurie Long has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Lets keep our wheel turning forward, and Help A Horsewoman Who Helps by donating here to let her know her community has her back.

By mary

We want to help those that have been affected by the hurricane and flooding. Join us and others in the relief efforts for our fellow horsemen is Texas and the surrounding areas.
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Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Please help the horses and horse owners who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
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This is a book project featuring portraits created by world famous Arabian horse breeder Lenita Perroy. The book will be sold and all profits go directly to the Arabian Horsemen's Distress Fund to assist Arabian horsemen in need.
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Connecticut, United States
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