Richard Wright suffered a barn fire

Richard Wright Barn FireLong time Arabian horse trainer and judge Richard Wright suffered a barn fire late Wednesday afternoon that resulted in the loss of at least seven horses and virtually all of his equipment.  At the time of this writing several horses were still unaccounted for as volunteers searched for them behind the farm.  When the blaze started at approximately 5 pm, many of the farms board horses were still in turnout, accounting for the lower number of deaths, but virtually the entire show string belonging to the owners who comprise Black Tie Stables were lost in the fire.  The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined.  If you would like to make a secure on-line donation, you can go to, where you can donate using a credit card and designate on the paypal form to earmark the funds for Richard Wright.  If you would like to donate via check, a check can be made payable to The Horsemen’s Distress Fund and sent to 236 Henry Sanford Road, Bridgewater, CT  06752, with an attached note re Richard Wright.  A full list of all that donate will be supplied, and the monies will be kept until Richard decides on his next course of action.






  1. Black Tie Stables Fire | OAHA | April 12, 2012 says:

    […] PLEASE HELP […]

  2. Colleen | April 12, 2012 says:

    So sorry for their loss…just tragic:-(
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  3. Laurie Ferry | April 12, 2012 says:

    Thanks to Mary Trowbridge and everyone involved in, and who has donated to, the Horsemen’s Distress Fund. This tragedy is felt so deeply by so many, and I am glad to know there will be some help for Richard down the road.

  4. chelsea | April 12, 2012 says:

    So sad to hear breaks my heart knowing there were horses lost i will be keeping all the people in my prayers…

  5. shawntell marak | April 12, 2012 says:

    This fire was horrible and last count was 16 horses were dead. They are currently asking the local community here to help finding the three horses still missing. My heart and prayers are with everyone during this and I would like to say thank you to the people who helped rescue the horses they could without a thought of the danger _but the determination to save those horses. Good luck to you, Mr. wright. Please let me know if you need any further assistance with anything. Your community is behind you! God bless.

  6. Stephanie | April 12, 2012 says:

    My heart goes out to Richard Wright and his stables…i couldn’t imagine losing my pets to anything and he seems like someone who cares deeply about his animals. It’s sad to think someone this good has to endure something so tragic!! =0(

  7. Linda Parker-Fedak | April 12, 2012 says:

    How very tragic! Have known of your horses for many years. I am a lover of and former owner of several Arabian horses many years ago. My favorite breed! My heart bleeds for you, the owners and wonderful horses that were lost. I am unable to help due to severe financial problems, but my thoughts and prayers are with you all. There are many wonderful people in the horse world who will help. It never fails! Good luck and hope things get better soon.

  8. Eloyce | April 13, 2012 says:

    I am blowen away I am SO SORRY To Hear this, Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to You.

  9. Dina Kasper | April 13, 2012 says:

    I have a beautiful Paint mare that someone can show or ride, it might help you get through the pain that you have, she is not being shown by me right now so it will be good for her to get the attention she deserves also.

  10. Sarah Rose and the Rose Family | April 13, 2012 says:

    My daughter Sarah (9) rides at Knollwood Farm in Hartland, WI. We are all so SORRY to hear of this tragic loss!!! Just devastating… You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sincerely ~ The Rose Family

  11. Marie Jarosch | April 13, 2012 says:

    I am so saddened by the horrible tragedy at Black Tie Stables. Praying for Richard, all the animals lost in the fire and their owners, as well as those who escaped but are suffering trauma.

  12. Holly T | April 13, 2012 says:

    Richard is my best friend and my heart is breaking for him. He is there for everyone and now we all need to be there for him.

  13. Mary E | April 14, 2012 says:

    Prayers to all that are effected and hurting. I cried as I saw the flames and heard on radio why traffic was at standstill. Hope everyone keeps helping each other like it seems you all have.

  14. Autumn L | April 14, 2012 says:

    Richard is a member of our family even if not by blood. My daughter asks about the horses and Uncle Richard everyday. I will do everything in my power to spread the word down in Texas for support and love. In this time of tragedy is when you can truly find out how many lives Richard has touched. The horses will surely be missed but they also would be the last to want Richard not rise above this.

  15. Cathy Scott | April 15, 2012 says:

    I am so sorry to hear this, Richard is a wonderful person.
    god bless as you get through this tragedy
    prayers for those that lost their horses
    Cathy Scott

  16. Forrest Nutter | April 16, 2012 says:

    If Richard has a fault it is that he loves the animals too much. The loss to the owners and of equipment is terrible, but he is way more distraught over the loss of the horses whom he thought of as part of his family. We were fortunate that our Myah survived and we are thankful for everyones’ thoughts and prayers.

  17. Laurie Riordan | April 17, 2012 says:

    My heart aches for you, Richard, and the owners and the horses lost. I have always enjoyed talking to you at shows. I’ll send what I can and you are all in my prayers.

  18. Diana Endris | April 23, 2012 says:

    I am sorry for your loss and truly understand your pain. I lost my stallion in the GNTC fire last August. You are in my thoughts and prayers for comfort and healing.

  19. Michael Brown | April 30, 2012 says:

    Our hearts go out to the owners and their horses!

    Such a tragic event! You will be covered in our prayers.

  20. Bill Miller (MillerTyme Arabians) | May 07, 2012 says:

    I am saddened and sick over the tragedy that has hit BlackTie Arabians, I know words can not lessen the loss or the tragedy. Loss of property can be overcome but loss of life is something that can never be forgotten. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family I pray that the wonderful memories will remain in their hearts. This type of tragedy is one we all as horse owners fear every day. I am sure God is keeping a watchful eye over you at this terrible time.
    Our prayers are with you at this time

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